Server Virtualisation has enabled businesses to increase the reliability and availability of applications and services with minumum disruption and configuration. Whilst reducing both capex and opex spend, which is often the key reason for implementing server virtualisation.

Virtualisation has also transformed datacenters by reducing the physical footprint by consolidating the number of servers and storage devices. By doing so this has provided efficiencies with power and cooling requirements.

VMware vSphere is the leading server virtualisation platform which provides powerful server virtualisation and operational management, the starting point of your private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.



VMware vSphere includes ESXi and vCenter Server, which provide a number of features including; High Availability (HA) which in the event of a physical server failure retstarts virtual machines on remaining operating servers.



High performance tier 1 applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and SAP can be virtualised with VMware vSphere, ensuring these critical services benefit from the same high availability features as tier 2 and 3 services.
Virtualising tier 1 applications can also provide additional benefits such as simplfied virtualisation centric disaster recovery (DR) failover and testing and backup solutions.

VMware vSphere 6 is now available and with this latest release vSphere is continuing to deliver value to customers, with an expanding feature set improving upon its already impressive set of capabilities.

vCentrix are a VMware Professional Solution Provider Partner and deliver the following VMware vSphere consultancy services in addition to physical servers and storage, licensing and SnS renewals:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Consolidation and Platform Migrations
  • Upgrades
  • Health Checks
  • Support

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